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Commercial Energy

Choosing a commercial energy supplier should be based on four key factors. First, determine if the supplier is capable of delivering service to an organization of your size. Secondly, make sure the organization understands your industry. Third, make sure that your supplier provides a robust package of offerings from which you can choose. Finally, look for a supplier that will help you monitor your energy usage in a manner that empowers you to support your productivity with improved efficiency and lowered costs.

The first factor to examine in a potential commercial energy supplier is the size of business it is set up to accommodate. Ideally, a competitive energy supplier should offer programs that speak directly to the organizations of any size.

Constellation Energy set out long ago to incorporate a comprehensive service offering for each category of business size. Small and medium companies can manage their energy costs through a variety of online payment tools that allow them to budget their energy costs in according to the pace of their business. In select states, they may also be eligible to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

We assist large businesses and national entities with comprehensive energy strategies that save energy and improve reliability of day-to-day operations. For 30 years now, we have worked to provide variety of pricing options for natural gas, sustainable energy, and electricity. Knowledge of local markets allows us to keep national customers posted on market fluctuations. From this, we develop a full spectrum of energy management solutions that include savings, rebates, and incentives.

Constellation also supplies commercial energy services tailored to the individual needs of specific industry types.

A few examples follow:

Commercial real estate –Focus on helping facility managers handle the complex demands of energy management in multi-tenant buildings.
Education – Develop programs for schools focused on easy energy procurement, cost management, energy efficiency, and critical facility modernization.
Healthcare–Show how to offset water, heating, and lighting costs so facilities can invest in patient care and the latest medical technology.
Hospitality – Show organizations how to go green, invest in renewable energy, and offer demand response programs that incentivize curtailment while remaining completely invisible to guests.
Industrial–Focus on determining peak energy load periods so you can produce when energy prices are less expensive. Measure and report savings back to you.
Public Housing–Focus on compliance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) programs. Training programs educate both residents and employees in conservation strategies.
Restaurants and Retail– Focus on increasing safety, satisfaction, and customer loyalty by automating load control for invisible energy efficiency that improves the human experience while simultaneously lowering costs.
Technology—Customize energy management to cycles of research, development, and distribution.
Transportation—Focus on custom energy management that safeguards the efficiency of fleets, facilities, and equipment.

Another reason to choose Constellation as your commercial energy supplier is the robust range of service offerings we provide to various entities. Pricing plans include fixed, index, and a number of blended options geared toward buying energy during lower cost periods. Similar ranges of natural gas options can also be obtained that include full-service, structured, and strategic portfolio management.

Sustainability solutions are offered to help businesses improve their efficiency, which in turn contributes to lower consumption costs and more easily obtainable sustainability goals. Load response programs provide organizations with energy offsets and financial incentives for curtailing electrical usage in response to a range of grid conditions.

Constellation also includes a full range of renewable and solar energy options, including onsite generation, through customized commercial energy service offerings.

We also publish a variety of energy management tools and information that allow customers to manage their energy efficiency to whatever degree of involvement they choose. Tools such as VirtuWatt allow organizations to automate curtailments, track usage and costs in real-time, and make manual adjustments instantaneously when necessary.

Finally, Constellation strives to provide a user-friendly experience to commercial energy clients. Our interactive approach allows new policies and programs to evolve from the very feedback you give us. Our partnership in enterprise generates long-term sustainability across the board.

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